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Insulation technology

Always at the cutting edge of technology

Insulation technologyInsulation technology

Saving energy, retaining value and also reducing maintenance and repair work - these aspects form the focus of our services for operational systems.
Qualified insulation technology allows economic and also highly effective measures to be taken on pipes, fittings and tanks, but also on trace heating systems and tanks, on chimneys and ventilation lines. Thermal insulation is the basis for safe operation within industrial processes applications as well as in building facilities.
In close cooperation with engineering consultancies, state authorities and clients, we provide comprehensive services for new plants, repairs and maintenance.

Cold insulationCold insulation

Cold insulation in industrial plants and building facilities require a high level of craftsmanship and expertise. Permanent education and periodical on the job training are essential for the quality of our products and services.

Noise control

A key component of our range of services is the technical soundproofing for
machines and workstations in industrial plants and production areas. We help protect the environment and your employees.

Fire protectionFire protection

Our range of services include also fire proofing insulation for industrial plants as well as building and municipal facilities. Regular education and on the job training programs are essential for the quality of our qualified and certified fire protection solutions.